ARIA Real Estate Group was founded in 2015 by Broker/Owner, Lisa Talley.

What started out as a small company with 1 real estate agent, a couple of employees, and a small portfolio of property management clientele, has now grown into a solid team of real estate professionals working together to serve a large portfolio of investors, tenants, associations, and people looking to buy and sell real estate.

Mission Statement

Real people with fresh ideas using innovative technology to go above and beyond in serving our community.

Core Values

AWARENESS: We ensure responsiveness by listening, communicating, advocating, and protecting.
COLLABORATION: We support each other through teamwork, trust, and mutual respect.
AUTHENTIC: We stay true to ourselves by being positive and passionate in all we do.
FAMILY: We believe honest & meaningful relationships are built while having fun.
CREATIVITY: We are resourceful in our solutions and inventive in our ideas.
INVESTED: We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations.
SERVING: We feel giving back is the truest form of success.

What do we mean by “The Gold Standard of Real Estate?”

Putting others before ourselves, going the extra mile for our clients, and by putting in 100% in everything I do.

Callie Ward

The Gold Standard of Real Estate to me means success and going above and beyond. It means striving to be the best you can be and giving 110% when it comes to customer service. Treating our tenants and investors as we would want to be treated as well as treating their properties as if they were our own.
Chelsea Dunaway

The gold standard is the highest form in my eyes. I believe at Aria we strive to give the most superior service in the real estate industry that we can.
Lisa Talley

To me that means, the best possible level of care and service we provide to our community that extends personally to our clients, affiliates and people we meet everyday. It is a standard that must be worn like a badge of honor, working together as a team to achieve what no one else can. Providing this level of service works cohesively and we apply it everywhere, from the moment we answer the phone or hear the door in our office, to closing day for clients.
Melissa Colcord

The golden standard to me means quality, reliability, accountability and consistency in what we offer that stands the test of time.
Varhonda Smith

Melissa Colcord

Melissa Colcord


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April Butler

April Butler

Director of Association Management

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